I really love these nails. :D

I am INCREDIBLY sorry I’ve been on tumblr hiatus. Though if you’ve checked my, instagram you be up to date, I’ve decided to make a master post of my fall/Halloween nails thus far. I hope you enjoy.

My first bestietwinnails manicure. Autumn style.

Monsters Inc nails!

Getting my minion on. Awwww yisss

Hi everyone! So I did these wonderful and lovely, glowy skull nails that were inspired by Robin Moses Nail Art.

This chick…goodness..She’s the reason why I’ve continued to work on nail art and the reason why I’ve tried to improve. I’ve learned more from her in two months than I had in the two years prior and I cannot thank her enough for inspiring me to continue.

So you can understand why I am FANGIRLING so HARD right now because she liked the photo o these nails that I put on Instagram! Oh goodness….shhhh Brittany…calm down…it’ll all be okay…

You should all check her out if you’re a fan of nail art and want to learn because she is the best teacher out there. She’s on Youtube, Twitter, here on Tumblr, Facebook…Pinterest…Everywhere. She’s everywhere. And she’s got over 1k tutorials up on Youtube. She is well worth the time so GO CHECK HER OUT.

Hogwarts house crests!!!! I freaking love these!

Check out my Toy story nails! I love these! I’m currently working on Monsters Inc and Minions!! :D

The 11th was my 19th birthday and I felt like an absolute princess! So these were the perfect nails to accompany me today. :)

This tutorial is now on YouTube! And though it is washed out a bit, I’m still happy that I’ve finally gotten around to uploading one.

To find, search normalpeoplenails and it should pop right up!

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I hope you enjoy!